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CRSC/Math Instructional and Research Laboratory

MA 573

Mathematical Modeling of Physical Processes I

Background and Motivation

  • Motivation and spring equation (PDF)

Numerical Methods for Differential Equations

  • Numerical methods for IVP and BVP (PDF)

Parameter Estimation Techniques

  • Deterministic parameter estimation (Optimization) (PDF)
  • Statisical models and interval estimators (PDF)
  • Frequentist techniques for parameter inference (PDF)

Mass Conservation and Transport

  • Compartmental analysis, mass conservation and the material derivative (PDF)
  • Analytic solution techniques (PDF)
  • Numerical solution techniques (PDF)

Energy Conservation and the Heat Equation

  • Heat conduction and the heat equation (PDF)
  • Application Module: Modeling a catalytic converter (PDF)

Population Models

  • Logistic, predator-prey and size-structured models (PDF)

Epidemic Models

  • SIR_SEIR models (PDF)

Neutron Transport Models

  • Neutron Transport Model (PDF)

Fundamental Probability and Statistics Theory

  • Aspects of probability and statistics (PDF)

Material from Vector Calculus

  • Vector calculus summary (PDF)