Smart Material Systems: Model Development

This book was published by SIAM in the Frontiers in Applied Mathematics Series,
Number 32, in March 2005.  Click here to order the book.

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  • Table of Contents Download PDF File
  • Preface Download PDF File
  • Chapter 1. Smart Material Applications
  • Chapter 2. Model Development for Ferroelectric Compounds Link to MATLAB codes
  • Chapter 3. Model Development for Relaxor Ferroelectric Compounds
  • Chapter 4. Model Development for Ferromagnetic Compounds Link to MATLAB codes
  • Chapter 5. Model Development for Shape Memory Alloys Link to MATLAB codes
  • Chapter 6. Unified Modeling Frameworks for Ferroic Compounds
  • Chapter 7. Rod, Beam, Plate and Shell Models Link to MATLAB codes
  • Chapter 8. Numerical Techniques Link to MATLAB codes
  • Appendix A. Glossary of Terms
  • Appendix B. Mathematical Theory
  • Appendix C. Legendre Transforms, Calculus of Variations, Mechanics Principles
  • Appendix D. Inversion Algorithm
  • List of Corrections to First Printing